1 out of 5 individuals has a learning deficit.

They are either mild, moderate or severe. To address this need, Bridges To Knowledge offers a comprehensive multisensory program. Use this checklist to assess how we may support you:

Symbol Sequencing:

__ Difficulty with handwriting, writes with great effort

__ Miscopies letters or numbers, makes “careless” errors

__ Difficulty completing written timed tasks, must reread information

__ Loses place when reading; misreads known words, reverses letters

Memory for Information or Instruction:

__ Difficulty remembering details heard or read

__ Appears “forgetful” or irresponsible

__ Below grade level in reading comprehension, pronouncing syllables

__ Lacks understanding of math and science concepts

__ Difficulty with taking personal responsibilities, maintaining a plan

__ Limited internal speech- speaks & writes in short sentences

__ Limited external speech, rambles speech, careless mistakes

__ Needs support pronouncing/spelling word/ doing mental operations

__ Needs help following directions, understanding cause and effect, nonverbal cues

__ Has test Anxiety

__ Lacks Study skills

__ Needs help discriminating between similar sounds

__ Needs support with organization, self directing

__ Seems to bump into objects

__ Seems fixated on subjects, has difficulty moving forward

__ ADHD, Autism spectrum; other disorder characteristics

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